Nevados /


The Bike Park Nevados de Chillán was opened in 2008 to provide a unique mountain bike service in Chile. The goal was to create a venue where riders can upload to the top of the mountain on the existing lifts and enjoy the adrenaline and gravity of the descent - a classic gravity bike park objective!

Mountain biking in Chile was really on the increase so Nevados de Chillán was motivated to fuel the movement in summer and use the elevation at our disposal! So in late winter 2008 we began the construction of the project that would culminate in the name " Nevados Bike Park". In early November of the same year we began building the trails that would be open for the first summer. From that date to today, our Bike Park has become the epicenter of the mountain bike community in the country, and hosts some of the most important events in Chile and South America:

  • 5 Chile DH Cups
  • 2 National Championships DH and XC .
  • 1 ENDURO Race
  • Multiple regional DH races
  • 4 Cannondale Cups, major international UCI XC and DH Class A competitions
  • Summer Training Camps for DH and Enduro

Our Mountain Bike Centre is designed to welcome all lovers of this beautiful family sport, with trails suitable for all levels from beginners to amateurs and professionals. Our trails are split into green, blue and black runs as per most bike parks, with an application especially designed for the evolution of learning your technique and progressively developing your riding style. We invite everyone to be part of this spectacular Mountain Bike Centre, located in one of the most beautiful regions of southern Chile.

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