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United StatesCanyons / United States

Posted by: D M on 27 Jun 2015.

Canyons - uppidy staff and not knowledgable nor on the same page

Visited the Canyons this past weekend for some bike park action in PC. It's the only lift served park around. Went to buy my lift ticket and they informed me of some trail closures due to a race. Race wasn't listed on their main bike park website. Ok no problem........

United StatesWhiteface / United States

Posted by: Shad Fly on 11 Jun 2015.

Old School Gnar!!!

Whiteface has great expert terrain.  Very long runs with minimal time spent on service roads.  The trails from the top are very technical and reward percise tire palcement.  Although the flow has improved it is certainly not the strength of this mountain.&nbs...

GermanyHindelang / Germany

Posted by: Maximilian Stoffel on 1 May 2015.

Limited offer, still fun

The bikepark has basically three lines, of which only 2 lead directly back to the gondola.
The tracks offer a descent around -500m.
There's a bike rent down at the gondola, as well as a little jump line, some small obstacles and a nice pumptrack.

United StatesSnowshoe / United States

Posted by: Chris McCaffrey on 11 Jan 2015.

A trail for everyone (sort of)

First off this is an incredible bike park and resort and now I am going to break it down into it's parts. 


Accommodations- very good with many different options in the village and near the mountain 

village- the v...

United StatesPlattekill / United States

Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.

Know your Game

Plattekill is serious business.  Not much maintainence and no man made features (wood) .   Very steep and full of broken shale rock.  Truly when they say Expert - they mean it!  That said , it is fun , but can be scary.  Map is totally useless. &nbs...

United StatesMountain Creek / United States

Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.

Bike Park

Like Highland Mountain Creek is a Jumpers and Freeriders park.  You are either on totally machined trails full of stutter and breaking bumps or rocky, blocky blown out natural trails. Nothing in between.  Lift is quick - you load yourself and stand with the bike -...

United StatesMount Snow / United States

Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.

High Speed Fun

Mt Snow use to host World Cups and National events.  I raced one of those DH races way back then too. The lift, (quick) does not go to the top, but still has some great vertical.   Trail 7 by far is the best beginner trail in NE.  Fast as all hell with the be...

United StatesJiminy Peak / United States

Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.

Needs TLC

Jiminy is a small mountain - the lift is only open on weekends to the very top, otherwise only half the mountain is accessible.  The lift is quick and they load.  Hours are short - 12-5 but tickets are cheap.

The top left of the mountain are all expert ...

United StatesKillington / United States

Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.

Beast of the East

Killington is the tallest DH mountain in New England and serviced by perhaps the fastest lift - a gondola which is great to relax in - they load the bikes.  Water is provided at top and bottom.  The trails are well maintained and not overly eroded, they connect by...

United StatesHighland Mountain / United States

Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.

Pure Bike Park

Highland is loved by many who never venture to other area mountains.  To be frank ,it is a small mountain that is mainly BMX style trails with slope style features.  Not many trails or variety.  It is for DJ riders and beginners.  Not your thue DH trails...

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