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Q&A: Bali Bike Park Q&A: Bali

Q&A: Bali

Who are you and what is your involvement with Bali Bike Park?

My name is Zach I’m the Marketing Director for the bike park. However, Alex Springenschmidt is the creator of the park and the public figure head too!

How long ago did Bali construct a bike park? Who or what was the driving force?

Alex started learning about the mountain biking opportunities on Bali a few years ago. But the park only started about a year and a half ago.  Alex was and is the driving force behind the park. He got interested in mountain biking and needed a place to do some good consistent ridding while living in Bali. From this the Bali Bike Park was born.

What is the bike scene like in the area where the bike park was built?

The bike scene in Bali is kind of all over the place. There’s no mecca or center like Whistler. There are trails spread out all over the island. But there’s no real landing point for biking on the island or in most of Asia for that matter. We’re hoping to change that and turn the Bali Bike Park into the Whistler of Asia.

Is there a large riding community? Where do your main visitors to come from?

The local ridding community is still relatively small but it’s growing all the time. Most of our riders are tourists that come for surfing. But when the waves go flat or they just want to mix it up a bit they find out that biking is a great option. Word of mouth is also huge.  

How many trails do you have in place right now and how many are left to build?  

We have 7 trials in place right now with a handful more we’re looking to building.

Describe the predominant “style” of riding at your park? (Natural vs. Manmade, DH/Tech/Steep vs. Flow/Features) Typically, what kind of terrain do you have? (Rocky, Dry-dusty, Tacky, Roots)…

The predominant style of riding is natural flowy trails with hand made features scattered throughout. We want to make it as fun for all levels as we could. If a tree falls in a storm we’re going to try and incorporate it into our trails.

What does the future hold for Bali Bike Park?

Like I said before we really want to turn Bali into the mountain biking mecca of Asia making the Bali Bike Park the landing place for all riders.

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