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WorldBikeParks.com is the online guide to the best mountain bike destinations in the world. Our passion and focus is bike parks; we would like to include every trail on the face of the earth, but the task at hand is big enough. So we are building a comprehensive and detailed database of every bike park facility across the globe. Yeah, we are going to make it happen! Please join us and help spread the word about bike parks in your area and beyond. There’s a platform for independent rider reviews, ‘by riders, for riders’ and we’re building the biggest and coolest online catalogue of Rider Cam trail videos, so you can check out any trail at any bike park before you actually go ride it!

So how exactly do you define a ‘bike park’? It’s not based only on lift access, as many bike parks don’t have or even need an uplift service. There is one crucial factor that we suggest a location must have to warrant the bike park name, and that is:

...dedicated and maintained trails for mountain bike use ONLY.

After all, it’s surely the trails that count the most, so this is what we use as our criteria. And we’ve gone one step further, to define distinct bike park types, just so we’re all on the same page…

GRAVITY / The classic gravity bike park, usually developed around the infrastructure of a ski resort.
eg. Whistler Bike Park, Canada.

TRAIL CENTER / Maintained mountain bike trail networks, with or without upload capability.
eg. Coed Llandegla, U.K.

URBAN / Locations in or around towns and cities, normally specializing in technical trails and jumps.
eg. Valmont Bike Park, USA.

INDOOR / Technical trails and jumps for mountain bikes, but under a roof obviously!
eg. Rays Indoor Bike Park, USA.

Obviously this is a big task and there’s a lot to do, but our passion for riding is what drives us each and every day! We engage directly with the bike parks themselves to make sure the content and info is accurate and as up to date as possible, and we scour the web, trails, and mountain bike events in search of the latest bike park news and features. But with such a large site and over 200 bike parks listed (with more on the way!) you can hopefully appreciate the scale of the task. If you see an error, or missing information (and we know there are gaps) please don’t go nuts (forgive us). We’d be super grateful if you could drop us a line at info-(a)-worldbikeparks.com and let us know. We’ll fix it pronto.

We have a lot of plans; ultimately we want to build the best bike park website in the world for the mountain bike community! So if you have any suggestions or requests for how to make the website better and improve the user experience then get in touch.



DAVID / Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Started riding as a way to avoid school without being caught - difficult to find someone way out in the woods. Mountain biking for over 20 years, with both XC and DH race experience, 10hr Alpine epics, and even a couple of showings at the Megavalanche! Founded the website thanks to a fundamental laziness to ride his bike uphill. After years of being dragged up and down big-mountain bike trails by riders fitter and stronger than he was, it seemed obvious to locate all the places where he could get a lift to the top. When it comes to the downhills, he has always thought he’s a far better rider than he actually is. The only good thing about this is that he can relate to the average mountain biker, and not get carried away about a bike park based on their 40ft road gap, as he just can’t launch it and probably never will. Happy to chat about pretty much any and every sport out there; all the better if done whilst watching the game in the pub. Generally takes an engineering approach to life thanks to a tough academic upbringing so is desperate to add an element of cool to his profile. Odds are that’ll never happen.
GET IN TOUCH: david-(a)-worldbikeparks.com

NATTY / Journalist and Managing Editor

Natty has been an outdoor adventure enthusiast since she was very young. She grew up as a flatlander in Tampa Florida, and had big dreams to become a white water kayaker. In her early 20s she moved all the way to the other side of the country to Washington State, in pursuit of the white water dream. But, when she got there she picked up a mountain bike instead.Thus began her love affair with bicycles. When she went to Whistler Bike Park for the first time in 2006, her love affair turned into an addiction. Natty’s obsession with bike parks landed her an awesome summer job with BIKE Magazine in 2012 and 2013. She got to travel full time in pursuit of the best bike parks in the western states. Now she is ready to continue her dream with WorldBikeParks. She will scour the planet in search of the best bike parks in the world! Take a ride with Natty as she reveals her thoughts and “shreds” her perspective on the world of mountain biking.
GET IN TOUCH: natty-(a)-worldbikeparks.com

TREY / Journalist and Managing Editor

A former certified “gym rat” that was dedicated to traditional team sports until he moved to the western United States, where he promptly acquired an intractable two-wheels off the ground dependency issue. Now, he’s determined to ride his bike downhill as much as possible, preferably with a lift to the top and lots of jumps on the way down. If not on his bike, you’ll probably spot him in the mountains behind his camera’s viewfinder. Teaming up with Natty to produce BIKE MAG’s 2012 & 2013 HeavyPedalTour, he has lots of good road trip stories to tell. With a degree in Physical Therapy, Trey tends to take a special interest in mountain bike injury rehab, including his own knee, shoulder, and wrist carnage. He just has to remember to keep setting his clock at least ten minutes ahead to trick himself into being early for things.
GET IN TOUCH: trey-(a)-worldbikeparks.com

Logo for 1WL Agency - Website Design and Web Development1WL Agency / Our Design & Development team

Located over the pond in Bedford, UK, these are the guys that designed and coded the current version of WorldBikeParks.com. The founders, Andy and Tim have over 18 years’ experience of the web industry, and have contributed significantly to what you see here today, so here's a little shout-out and an insight into their part. The front end website you see here is only half the picture. Behind the scenes there's a tailor-made Content Management System that makes almost everything in this site editable. What’s unique, is that our CMS was created specifically for the needs of WBP.  If we need to change how something works, 1WL can re-code individual Editors in the CMS to suit. This keeps the whole system as lean and efficient as possible, making it easier to use, so updating content is as fast as possible. Thanks to their involvement we have exactly what we need. 1WL Agency website design and web development delivered a balanced, functional design with a tailored CMS that suits us perfectly.


In the Reviews section of the website, you will see a growing number of "Official Reviews". These reviews are submitted by WorldBikeParks Team Members, indicated by the gold color trim to their profile page and their submitted reviews. Team Members are dedicated mountain bikers located all over the world, responsible for shredding and reporting on the trails at bike parks in their local area and beyond. You should expect a much more detailed and comprehensive review and a fair and balanced representation of the bike park from these reviews. If you would like to join the WorldBikeParks team, please click here for more details.


In addition to the Official Reviews, you will see bike park reviews submitted by users whose profiles list them as "Guest Reviewers", indicated by the silver color trim to their profile page and their submitted reviews. Whilst any registered user can post a bike park review, the 'Guest' reviews are submitted by individuals, groups and teams with an established reputation in the mountain bike world. Again, you can expect a more detailed and comprehensive review from a Guest Reviewer. And as 'trusted experts' you can also be confident that the reviews they submit are a fair and balanced representation of the bike park under review. You can easily check out what other projects these guests have on the go by following the link on their WorldBikeParks profile page. If you would like to become a Guest Reviewer, please click here for more details.

All the best from WorldBikeParks - we'll see you on the trails...