Bike Park Pohorje

Bike Park Pohorje /

Posted by: Joep Kannegieter on 23 Jul 2017.
Date of Visit: 19 Jul 2017

Abandoned park

I cannot believe the reviews. They must be fake. This park has been abandoned and by stories of the locals heard there has not been any maintenance at all for the last 4 years. The website tells me the downhill track is under maintenance but actually it's just abandoned. Weed is overgrowing the drops, structures are falling apart, trails are overgrowing. The only trail left is the blue flowline which is also in very bad shape. This in an example of "it's nothing anymore compared to 4 years ago". The fact that they charge you 21,- for a day and the lift is only going regular from 14 - 19 (morning only 1 ride up per hour) and they still fully advertise the 3 tracks park on their website is a full scam to me. Sorry.... Please skip this one until they are building up again the once so great pohorje park

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