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Trail Builders - Hands In the Dirt

The WorldBikeParks Feature series, Hands In The Dirt, where we chat with guys from around the world of mountain bike trail building who have played a part in the bike park industry over the years, whether it's designing new bike trails, putting shovels to dirt, or generally advocating for the growth of our sport. We'll find out what they've been up to and what future projects are in the pipeline. Get ready to meet those responsible for building the trails that we know and love...!

On Track with Back On Track

15 May 2014

Back to the homeland for a chat with Rowan Sorrell - former elite DH racer and the man turning Wales in to a mountain bike paradise!

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Pro Trails at Gravity Logic

23 May 2013

As one third of the founding members of Whistler Gravity Logic, Tom 'Pro' Prochazka has been building professional bike trails for years now. And not just any trails...

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BikeSolutions with Gallic Flair

27 April 2013

Yannick and the team at BikeSolutions in the south of France build bike park trails with typical French Style. For the 3rd article in the Trail...

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Joyride - The Joy of Trail Design

7 April 2013

Next up in the Series is Joyride Bike Parks and head honcho Paddy Kaye. Joyride has been building mountain bike trails and innovating...

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Dirt Art Down Under

9 March 2013

To kick the series off, we head to Tasmania, just off the south coast of Australia, and chat to Simon French, Director of Dirt Art, one of the most experienced and renowned trail design, construction and management companies down-under.

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