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MTB Slopestyle Just Got Crazy white style 2016

Hello 2016: MTB Slopestyle just got crazy!

Szymon Godziek wins the 10th anniversary White Style

title in Saalfelden Leogang

Saalfelden Leogang, Austria, January 29th 2016 – In the midst of the

European winter, on the slopes of Saalfelden Leogang, some of the

world’s best slopestyle riders just threw down one of the most heated

finals ever. Szymon Godziek (POL) clinched a consecutive victory after

beating Matt Jones (GBR) for the title. A pleasant sight was also seeing

Russia’s Pavel Alekhin winning another best trick here at White Style.

Just before the White Style finals, Austrian hero Fabio Wibmer won the

Scott Snow Downhill Dual Race in front of Austria’s top UCI Mountain

Bike Downhill World Cup rider Markus Pekoll.


When visitors began lining the ropes up the giant slopestyle course in Saalfelden

Leogang they had no idea what they were going to witness. 20 riders were invited to

compete in the 10th anniversary of the FMB Silver Event, 5 of which were prequalified

for the finals due to their FMB ranking, and another seven were taken from

a qualifying round earlier in the afternoon. In the finals, towards the end of the

second run things really began to heat up.

(WhiteStyle_2016_Pavel_Alekhin_Vishneviy_winner_Best Trick)

Pavel Alekhin, famous in Saalfelden Leogang for his 2013 victory, jumped into first

place with an amazing run including a backflip barspin to tailwhip and huge backflip

double tailwhip. “I am super happy to have completed my run. I was so scared about

the backflip barspin to whip and landing it was awesome! But still, Godziek is the

boss and Jones is the boss! Respect to them.”


Then, British rider Matt Jones dropped in with victory in his eyes – his run included a

surprising double backflip and clean 360 no hand. His run bumped him up into first

place, moving Pavel down to second. “I am honored to come second to Szymon, he

did some FMX tricks, MTB tricks and BMX tricks, he won last year and has retained

the title. I’m excited for him. White Style was awesome, Leogang always is. I will be

back for 26TRIX in a few months for sure”, commented Matt after the podium



Despite having no idea how to beat Matt’s run, Szymon Godziek unleashed an

incredible trick combo featuring a frontflip barspin, backflip cliffhanger and cork 720

to finish. The Polish rider has claimed his second consecutive win here at White Style

and commented: “I was first after my first run, but dropped to fourth heading into

my second run and I thought to my myself I am here to win and nothing less. The

other guys really put pressure on me to ride my best and I couldn’t be happier with

the result.”

Shortly after the main contest, the riders took part in a Best Trick jam session. With

all 2500 spectators gathered around the big booter in the finish area, the

atmosphere was ripe for crazy tricks! Swedish rider Elof Lindh threw down a triple

tailwhip. Anton Thelander was demonstrating why he is known as “Cleanlander” and

Lukas Knopf was hoping to redeem a big trick after crashing in the finals. The top

three riders from the Best Trick jam session are Pavel Alekhin (Flip bar to bar to

tailwhip), Szymon Godziek (cork 720 can-can that has never been shown on a

mountain bike) and Diego Caverzasi (Backflip Cliffhanger).

The 10th anniversary White Style, Europe’s traditional season opener, was a great

success. Event host from Bikepark Leogang Kornel Grundner comments: “The 10th

anniversary was a sensational show. I think when riders reach points in the high

90’s, it’s clear that the level is very high. We had a great birthday party and

everyone enjoyed the celebrations.”

Between the White Style qualifying and finals, the Scott Snow Downhill Dual Race

kept everyone entertained. Over 30 riders participated in this fun side event. In the

end, the world-renowned street trials and downhill rider Fabio Wibmer was

surprisingly faster than Austria’s UCI World Cup powerhouse Markus Pekoll.


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About White Style:

White Style is the most established slopestyle-contest on snow. It is held at Bikepark Leogang and

celebrates 10 years in 2016. The one-day event is held at Leogang’s Schanteilift and is a registered

Silver level event of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour (FM

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