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SwitzerlandChampéry-Morgins / Switzerland

Posted by: craig d on 25 Aug 2013.


Loved this place. 3 flowy tracks all from a really fast quad lift. Variations from each track kept you exploring. The black was the last track we found and it really was a black, steep and tricky.The last sectio got a bit repetative as you funnel into a traverse and repeat ...

United StatesWhitefish / United States

Posted by: Martin Cartoon on 9 Aug 2013.

Runaway Train

Best trail in whitefish!

United StatesWhitefish / United States

Posted by: Martin Cartoon on 7 Aug 2013.

Freebird trail at Whitefish bike park in Montana

This place is well hide next to nowhere but it worth your attention. If you are from Alberta(calgary) or you are planning a montainbike trip in BC and wish to ride a few montain and not just have to know that Whitefish is only a 2 hours drive from Fernie and ...

AustriaWagrain / Austria

Posted by: Franco on 7 Aug 2013.


The easy way to gravity bikes.

Good and smooth tracks with some old school rooty diversions.

The best park to start, you'll have fun if you're expert too. The same track can be run slowly by beginners or flied from top to base if yo...

SloveniaKranjska Gora / Slovenia

Posted by: Franco on 7 Aug 2013.

Kranjska Gora

Basically one smooth track with a lot of diversions.

A little of everything: north shore, toboga, roots, wood, technical dh.

Pro: dries rain very well

Cons: Very slow lift

United StatesWhitefish / United States

Posted by: Pete Costain on 4 Aug 2013.

Fast and Flowy

Hey, maybe I'm biased since I built most of the new stuff at Whitefish Mountain Resort, but this place rocks! Kashmir has heaps of ridiculous flow and some big optional jumps, Freebird is steep, has massive berms and airs and ends with a 30, 35 and 40 foot table line, C...

ItalyPaganella / Italy

Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 2 Aug 2013.

Technical training!!!!!

The trails are 3, all very similar.....

One is difficult and technical so only for expert riders...

The other two are pretty smooth.....

The principal thing in this bike park is that or you are a very very good rider or you can go here only ...

SwedenÅre / Sweden

Posted by: Philip Tegnér on 6 Jul 2013.

Wonderful place!

One of the best in Europe. Had such wonderful time. The Getrappet & Månskogen, so beatiful & great trails! Soon there again, one week from now (July 2013)

SwitzerlandMonte Tamaro / Switzerland

Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 26 Jun 2013.

Do you want training!?

In this bike park there is only one track but really long and with a huge difference of altitude!!!

The trail is divided in two parts thanks to an intermediate station.

The first part is pretty fast with some jumps or drop but nothing too difficult.......

SwitzerlandSaint-Luc / Switzerland

Posted by: Bagus Life on 9 Jun 2013.

St Luc Bike Park - Uncrowded but good swiss bike park

The St Luc Bike Park is located close to Sion and an one hour drive away from  the Bike Park of Crans Montana, another great place to ride. To get to St Luc Bike Park you need to drive 2.5 hours either via Mar...

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