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Top 10 Trails At Saalbach Hinterglemm Top 10 Saalbech

With numerous freeride trails, epic natural terrain, fun pump tracks and endless forest paths, Saalbach Hinterglemm, offers something for every mountain biker. There is endless terrain for everyone to romp aorund for days. Around every corner there are new trails waiting to be explored. With this wealth of options, it is not always easy to find the right trail for yourself. Here is a top 10 list of the most popular trails in Saalbach Hinterglemm...

(Saalbach_Hochalm_Trail.jpg image: Saalbach / David Schultheiss)

# 10: Hochalm Trail

Nestled in a breathtaking setting, away from crowded tourist paths, you are at the mountain pasture trail in Hinterglemm valley nature as close as almost anywhere else. This trail has been specially created for bikers who are not vertical meters shy. From Reiterkogelbahn mountain station is just 500 meters to the start of the trail. Once past the rise be ready for the reward: a seemingly endless descent through a picturesque landscape of the Pinzgauer grass mountains, this route is very scenic. With small berms, stream crossings, switchbacks, easy root and stone fields, what can make a trail biker's heart beat faster? The route ends in the valley, where you can easily return to Saalbach Hinterglemm or continue on to Ossmannalm Trail.

# 9: Pumptrack Wieserauberg

Wieserauberg Pump Track has your ergonomics covered with a smooth rolling tack! This is a super cardio workout and it brings endless fun. Where else is there so much fun in a small space? Try to get as many laps without pedaling, just by pumping your arms, you can create and develop creative combinations on the waves, steep curves and small tables. Even beginners can familiarize themselves with the rolling dirt and the bike park-like tracks, before being transported by one of the four cable cars to the top of the mountain. A visit to the pump track Wieseraubergs is definitely worth it, especially after closing the cable cars, if you still have anything left, you can continue your rip. 

# 8  Z-Line poweredby TREK

The launch of the Z-Line powered by TREK is located directly at the middle station of Zwölferkogelbahn. From here, this simple-to-moderate freeride trail meanders with a breathtaking view of Saalbach Hinterglemm’s valley. The trail runs through wall rides, Northshore passages and shafts, tables and smaller jumps - but always with bypass option. The absolute highlight is the second wall-ride with integrated Action snapshot station. A spectacular photo is a guarantee! The images are found later on

Tip: Just before the end there is a turnoff to pump track Wieseraubergimage.

# 7: Milka Line

The Milka Line down to Saalbach from the middle station of the Kohlmais lift is a beginner-friendly freeride trail for children and adults. With numerous jumps and flowier route, it is the ideal trail to warm-up on, before using it for a greater challenge, as there is Pro Line or X-Line. With generous wide curves, small wooden elements and a slight incline, but it also allows every beginner ease into and enjoy the start of freeriding. Here you can build the necessary skills and get a good feel for the mountain bike before venturing on to more difficult terrain. The Milka Line is also for advanced bikers. Here savvy bikers can work on their curve technique and style. Perfect Whip or scrub is thus within reach! The combination of panoramic trails in the upper section with the Milka Line on the bottom section gives a super-long and varied descent.

# 6: Blue Line

The Blue Line promises that not only beginner bikers will enjoy their time but even faster bikers will be in a state of delight. The Blue Line offers simple steep turns, small jumps, flat Northshore elements and some tabletops. There are easy rocky passages and root fields where one can find easier and more difficult lines down. Many bikers feel their way here for the first time to the freeriding zone. Despite the classification as "readily Freeride" it will remain a Blue Line. Some passages require a degree of command of the bike.

# 5: Pro Line

The Pro Line on the Reiterkogel has it all! Not for nothing, it is regularly the scene of action-packed downhill racing, at the GlemmRide Bike Festival and the World Games of Mountain Biking. The Pro Line is the perfect route for long workouts. The track is built to accelerate you out of corners. The Pro Line is distinguished by narrow forest paths at the beginning, followed by rocky parts and numerous variants of the Northshore. Riparian, Doubles, Tables, Drop batteries, technical root sections and many smaller jumps make the track very action-packed and a promise of pure fun. Tip: In some places the infamous Evil Eye Trail branches off from the Pro Line, so the route can be driven in different variation.

# 4: X-Line powered by CONTI

The sophisticated X-Line powered by CONTI is at home on the northern flank of the Schattberg mountain, which is not only steep terrain, but also a great view of Saalbach, guaranteed. With a length of over 6 kilometers and an altitude difference of 1,025 m, the X-Line weaves from the top station to the bottom station of the Schattberg and is thus one of the longest freeride trails in Europe. From thoroughbred enduro riders to downhill addicts come here each at their own expense. One of the absolute highlights include Northshore features a brook with wooden bridge, which can be jumped, rocky passages, tricky root carpets, a spectacular road gap and much more. So the X-Line is its reputation as intense, technically demanding and more than fair. After the first introductory ride to get there by your own rhythm of wildly popular route. Tip: As part of the new X-Line Challenge, you can be timed at your departure from the top.

# 3: Root Trail

The Trail Root can be found in a much quieter world than most other routes that you can find at Saalbach Hinterglemm. It gives the feeling that you are a world away from the freeride scene near the cable cars. The completely natural path connects the Kohlmaisgipfelbahn the Wildenkarkogel and runs without any appreciable slope, but with innumerable roots, always slightly uphill and downhill on the flanks. True to the motto "back to the roots". East of Kohlmais summit and just behind the Panorama 6-seater chairlift starting, the Root Trail runs for many kilometers through forest and meadow soils, with many intricate key points, like Schönleiten hut or Leogang. Root junkies will experience on this trail true moments of happiness, for beginners, it is, however, a somewhat bumpy ride, because the name of the trail is no accident. Despite everything, the trail is perfect to hone one's own driving skills. Tip: The root section is also part of the BIG-5-BIKE Challenge and can easily be ridden in both directions.

# 2: Bergstadl Trail

The Bergstadl trail on Schattberg is a treat for enduro riders and freeriders. In addition to the above starting, Hacklberg Trail it is one of the absolute flagships of Saalbach Hinterglemm. In the gondola you will go up to 2,000 meters to the Schattberg X-press top station and the bike briefly sliding over to the western summit. The Bergstadl Trail branches off after about 300 meters from Hacklberg Trail and winds in many curves through a postcard idyll directly to Bergstadl. The more sophisticated alternative to Hacklberg Trail offers technical refinements waiting with a full program: scenery, roots, rocks, hairpin bends, but also longer passages which are liquid to drive. The many small, technical challenges of this delightful nature trail require full concentration and driving skills. 

# 1: Hacklberg Trail

It's true, we have to tell the community about the legendary Hacklberg Trail. With views that have no equal, passages you can do without one finger on the brake lever because of the perfect slope, countless waves and jumps, which provide a lot of airtime and also invite for styling. The Hacklberg Trail from the Schattberg in Saalbach Hinterglemm is the most beautiful single trail in the valley and is the epitome of a flow. With its 6 kilometers of panoramic views it is a true playground for mountain bikers. In combination with the subsequent Buchegg Trail which offers 1,000 meters of the finest singletrack and 10 km of clenched downhill fun. Most ride this trail late in the afternoon. But of course this is a good trail at any other time of day, no question. But it still remains an unforgettable sundowner ride an absolute MUST DO in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

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