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BikeParkPRO Events at Vallnord BikeParkPRO events at Vallnord

By Thomas Manfe

If you’re riding at Vallnord Bike Park this season then make sure you download the BikeParkPRO app before you go, as there are a few things happening at the epic Andorra bike park that you are going to want to know about.

BikeParkPRO are running a number of interactive competitions, with prizes up for grabs to riders that track their sessions and top the virtual competition leaderboards. On top of a season long challenge where you can ride whenever you like, there are 4 fixed weekend events where an on-site team will guide you through what’s involved. So read on here and show up fully prepared…!

The Vallnord Vert Challenge

The Vallnord Vert Challenge ranks riders based on the most vertical descent ridden within any 2-day period at the bike park. That means you can ride at any time during the summer, and so long as you ride on 2 consecutive days (e.g. both Saturday and Sunday on a weekend), your cumulative vert stats will get you on the challenge leaderboard. The top 3 placed riders at the end of the season - that is those with the highest vertical descent recorded - will win a pair of Vee Tires.

The Vallnord Weekend Series Events

In addition to the season-long Vert Challenge, BikeParkPRO will be hosting a series of long-weekend events at Vallnord throughout the season. For these weekends, you must ride between the Friday morning and Sunday afternoon for your session stats to get you on the leaderboards - think of it a bit like a race weekend, except you can ride whenever you like and not just when your race run is scheduled!

There are two elements to the weekend series events.

First, it’s the Vert element. Similar to the season long challenge, this ranks riders based on the most vertical descent ridden over the 3 day period, so winners will be declared on Sunday afternoon.

Next, it’s the race trail element. This really is more like a ‘normal’ race, although there are some pretty obvious differences. First, you don’t need a race number or any timing equipment - just use the BikeParkPRO app to record your ride. And second, the race course is not taped as it’s a normal Vallnord trail open to all riders - the blue square intermediate Corpalanca Trail . All you have to do is ride this trail whilst recording your session, and the app will automatically detect a trail match and calculate your time. Ride it as often as you like during the weekend, and the leaderboard will constantly update with your fastest effort. Check out the ‘IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE’ section at the end of this article for a few more details.

For both elements on the Series weekends, there are prizes from Vee Tire and Monkeys Sauce up for grabs for those that finish the weekend in the top leaderboard position. There will be a BikeParkPRO tent on site for the Saturday and Sunday, and Thomas and the team will be there to chat, set you up with the app if needed, and keep you running on the trails with som tech support if you have a mechanical!

So now the important bit… when are the 2019 Series weekends so you can plan your Vallnord visits…!?

  1. 19 - 21July
  2. 2 - 4 August
  3. 23 - 25 August
  4. 11 - 13 October

So we hope to see you there!


The Vallnord Events Series is intended to add an extra element of fun and interaction to your normal riding sessions. You ride anyway, so why not get involved to see how you rank against other riders, and give yourself that extra incentive and maybe win a prize! But remember, this is not the same as a normal race event. You do not need a timing chip, or a race number, and when you ride is up to you (so long as it’s between the open / close dates)  — just make sure you record your session! So given the differences, there are a few things that you need to know (and accept) about how this works…

1. UNDERSTAND THE LIMITATIONS OF GPS There is always a degree of error involved. All GPS receivers are subject to error for a number of reasons, but this is especially challenging to account for across the hundreds of different brand smartphones, the quality of their GPS receiver chips, and the nature of GPS reception in mountainous areas. So there will be errors associated with your position, elevation, speed, and therefore time for any given trail. (For more detailed information read our blog post here). Whilst this is not ideal, especially if you were on a flying lap, it is the same for everyone involved. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and simply have another go at the trail. Remember this is not a one-shot deal like normal DH racing. You can ride the trail as often as you like, and your best time at the end of the series weekend will be the one that counts.

2. RECOGNISE THAT YOU ARE AT A BIKE PARK WITH OTHER RIDERS Vallnord is obviously open to riders other than yourself! The Series Trail will not be taped off as per a normal race event — it is a regular trail at the park and therefore open to everyone else to ride. When you purchase your pass for Vallnord bike park, you agree to ride in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bike park, and respect the rider etiquette that applies. RIDING THE VALLNORD SERIES MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. You must respect other riders, and their use of the trails. Your participation in the Series does NOT give you priority access to the trails!

3. ACCEPT THE RISKS INVOLVED We all know the risks involved in mountain biking, and they remain the same regardless of whether or not you enter a Series. The only difference is that you are recording your activities for eventual comparison with other riders. So by entering a Series, you acknowledge and accept ALL risks, dangers, and hazards, and injuries that may result. If an accident were to happen, it is not the fault of BikeParkPRO or the owners / operators of the bike park. Re-read item 2 above and check out the full BPRO Terms & Conditions here.

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