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New Trail 50 Shades of Black opens TODAY! BPW 50 Shades of Black

BikePark Wales are excited to announce that their newest trail “50 shades of black” opens to the public today - Friday 27th February! “50 shades” will be the longest and gnarliest black trail at BPW, with a classic Welsh mix of rock, roots and mud, aptly named due to the multiple variety of surfaces, topography, trail style and vegetation all within this single trail.  50 shades runs down an as yet unused part of the hill on the south side of the mountain, and descends the full 280 meter vertical drop over it's 1.8 kilometer length.

And the guys and girls at BPW are not done yet... they will soon be opening a new pro-line section which peels off the lower section of 50 Shades and will be known as “Join the dots”.  This new pro-line option uses natural rock ledges and boulders to create step downs, hips and doubles that will test even the very best of riders. So keep an eye out for when that opens soon. In the mean time, check out Trek World Racing rider Laurie Greenland as he gives the new trail a quick preview ride...

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