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The Revolution Rider Development Program Revolution Rider Development Program

Some really interesting stuff coming out of North Wales and the bike park made famous by the Athertons - am sure you've all see Dan and Gee on the mental Quarry Line!!? Well they've teamed up with local Brit and former Whistler Bike Park Instructor John Paul Jones to create the Revolution Rider Development Program - intent on teaching sick bike park skills to a steadily growing community in the UK. Here's what JP had to say...

"Any training provider worth their salt will tell you "The best coach you will ever have is the trail". A massive part of my job as a coach is to identify the right trails to ensure the right skills are assimilated at the right time. This is where training areas and features become key. I have really struggled in the UK to find really good training facilities. I have put this down to 2 potential reasons.

  1. Other UK training providers don't see development in the same way we teach in Whistler.
  2. Training areas are open to the public and so the training area itself has to manage risk - They can't build anything good as someone might hurt themselves.

Other than these two reasons I can't understand why things are the way they are. When the team at Revolution Bike Park asked us if we were interested in doing some training at Revolution we were interested. When they were keen to team up and build some awesome training facilities we got really excited. We are unbelievably stoked to announce ALine and Revolution Bike Park have teamed up to bring the Revolution Rider Development Program..."

For information course outlines and training dates contact us at the following:

If you run a bike park and wish to offer a professional training facility and instructor training contact

NOTE: In the video, we mention the IDP. The IDP (Instructor Development Program) has been running in Whistler bike Park for approx 14 yrs with instructors coming from all over the world using it every day on Bike Parks across North America. Well designed and thoroughly tested.

Hard at work - with more to come!

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