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Enduro Mediterraneo race results

Video and recap of the first race of the Enduro Mediterraneo series.

7 May 2014

The first race of the Enduro Mediterraneo series 2014 took place in Xanthi, with many riders visiting the area for the first time. The weather was brilliant, with short rain showers, the crowd was awesome and the trails & Special Stages were amazing. A record number of 127 participants registered for the race with about 30 foreign athletes from Bulgaria, Germany & France.

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Enduro Mediterraneo

Enduro Mediterraneo Only 10 days Away!

3 April 2014

Enduro Mediterraneo 2014 is only 10 days aways from its official launch with the first race taking place in Xanthi on the 13th of April.

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Enduro Mediterraneo

Enduro Days In Pelion

7 March 2014

Enduro Mediterraneo will be hosting three races this summer in Greece. The first stop will be at Xanthi MTB Park and Second stop is at Dirfis Gravity Park. The coordinators of the race held an event call Enduro Days In Pelion just this past weekend.

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Mountain Biking in Xanthi - Northern Greece

24 February 2014

Words by: Evangelos Georgiadis. Xanthi, is a city in Northern Greece. In the last few years, a big network of mountain bike trails have been built. These trails were first realized by a small number of local riders who started trail-building in the area circa 2003.

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