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Think Bike Parks, think Whistler. Without a doubt the No.1 bike park in the world. Many other parks are making great strides in catching up, but they all use Whistler Mountain Bike Park as the reference; the gold standard; the one to beat; but thats the point, it is the benchmark, and continues to develop year on year to stay there. They are now boasting 65 trails of all styles covering 200km, nearly 5,000ft (1,500m) of lift-serviced vertical, 3 separate zones, 5 unique ‘skill centres’ and then after all that they still have 8,400ft of indoor park in the Airdome. Whistler keeps the learning flowing too with tailored programs for all riders. From intro lessons, skill development multiday camps to specific nights on Monday’s and Wednesday's for the girls to show off their skills and ‘Testosterone Tuesday’ for the boys to strut their stuff.


The original Whistler bike park zone with all 5 difficulty levels including 3 of Whistler’s new Pro Line trails, and all 5 skill centres. Situated on the lower slope from Whislter village up to the Olympic station at 1000m (3,300ft), here is the core energy of Whistler, spreading out from the central trails around the lifts, deep into the forests on either side on trails like Crank it Up and Golden Triangle.


Garbanzo has its own personality and even climate. Brought on board in 2004 to complement the original Fitzsimmons zone, it raised the bar, literally. Higher, steeper and more rugged than Fitzsimmons, it complements its older, smaller brother perfectly; the old yin and yang, as the guys and girls in Whistler like to say. Being higher, its cooler in the summer, but not too high to make you suffer the thin air when pushing hard. Be sure to check it out and see the contrast - though, while taking in the differences, dont forget to shred it up, that is why we go there after all.


From the Whistler Valley Gondola, a short ride to Peak Chair takes you to nearly 2,200m (8,000ft) and the Top Of The World: a unique experience, available to only 150 people per day (book it), taking you down a singletrack based on the unique flow Whistler is known for and the stunning alpine peaks of the Coast Range to the top of the Garbanzo zone. They have built the trail with natural flow in mind, and it doesnt disappoint. Just check out the ridercam on the Trails page for the first-hand view, and then see the epic WMBP video on the Media page and you will see its worth every penny of that extra lift pass.


And if the weather just sucks then check this out...8,400 sqft of indoor bike park, with wooden ramps, jumps, quarter pipes and a huge foam pit to practice massive air tricks. DH, BMX, DJ and slopestyle bikes are all welcome, though i’m sure they’ll be glad if you clean the mud off first! They have two 3-hour sessions through the day during the bike season, and limited numbers at each session to maximise the training while in there.

Bike parks do not get any better than this! 



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