Giba Gorge

Giba Gorge /
South Africa


Giba Bike Park lies in a valley comprising of around 300 ha. What this means is that there is plenty of climbing and descending as opposed to riding on level ground. The valley itself offers plenty of varying ridge lines which result in short sharp climbs, descents, with unlimited switch backs and a continual changing terrain, from compact decomposed granite (allows for ultra groomed trails), through to just about every possible natural technical element found in nature, such as roots and rock gardens, rivers and gulleys.

Giba is a cross country riders paradise. It gets your heart rate up with its rapidly changing terrain, and it keeps it up through sheer adrenalin and excitement. I often advise people who are starting out in the sport, that real easy riding is limited due to the nature of the terrain and the way in which we first started cutting trails, but ride here, and you will develop skills that will make any mountain bike race a walk in the park. If the riding exists then we have it at Giba, we just don't have 20km of flat riding!!

When we started out cutting trails there was a tendency to create short loops, such as those used for cross country cup racing. This resulted in one main trail with lots of interlinking trails. This doesn't make navigating the park any easier, but does offer heaps of variation and combinations. Then we got a little wiser and stopped going up and down, and started cutting contour based, sustainable trails. This gives even the novice riders meandering and manageable trails. The trails also progressed into specific colour coded trails with defined marked routes indicating the riding direction.


Ticket Details

Rider's Day Pass (includes access all areas and facilities, inc BMX track, bike wash, showers, picnic area)  R40  R12
Annual Rider  R840  R420
Annual Pensioner R420  
Annual BMX R420  
Annual Family (includes 2 Adults; each child price is in addition to Adult fee) R1680 R240 (per child)

If you are a regular, then Annual Passes are a great deal for you! Currently a day pass will cost R40 (adult) and R20 (child). R420 divided by 52 weeks (for children) equates to R8 per week, R840 divided by 52 weeks (for adults) equates to R16 per week. This clearly shows that if you are a regular then it is far better to get the annual membership.

Opening Times

Seven days a week from 7am to 6pm, and 8pm on Wednesdays.

Contact Info

110 Stockville Road
KwaZulu - Natal