PwC Cycle Park /
South Africa


Just north of Johannesburg, PwC Cycle Park was built by international mountain bike trail builder Geoff Vorpagel, so naturally adheres to the stringent standards of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and the African Mountain Bike Association. These standards take into account rider safety, enjoyment, and the environmental impact. The Bike Park is actually part of a variety of city's efforts to rehabilitate natural wetland, particularly in an area under such high levels of urban development pressure. There are about 15km of mountain bike trails built with another 15 or so still to be completed.

There is a range of trail options to ensure all levels of mountain bikers are catered for. And, according to Vorpagel, besides the specifically rated trails, (standard colour codes of green, blue and black), additional detours from the green (novice) trails will ensure plenty of variety for riders. If you're riding a green trail with mates that have less experience you can nip off on the detours for some interesting intermediate or advanced-level obstacles and rejoin them a few meters later. It’s a way for a family or group to ride together with all the riders getting the challenges they want. There's a BMX track too, which is not common to mountain bike parks, and this is suitable for riders from the age of 5. A great family park close to the city.