Dakine Trailfox Bike Festival Registration is Open Dakine Trailfox Festival Registration Open

Flims, 12 May 2014 – Registration for the Dakine Trailfox Bike Festival starts today, 12 May 2014, at 4pm (10am PST). The one-of-a-kind mountain bike race takes place from the 4th to 6th of July 2014 in Flims, Switzerland. New to this year's edition is that the riders can sign-up for each race separately. Further racing action is provided by the European Enduro Series presented by XS Power Drink, which holds a competition in Flims on the same weekend. The rockresort next to the valley station of the cable car in Laax is the new center of the event. This allows for more versatile and exciting side events. Check out the fun from last years event...

Registration is open – let the race begin!

The riders are at the gates for the first race of Dakine Trailfox Bike Festival: It's about the starting slots. On 12 May, 4pm, they can finally sign-up at As always, the slots are well sought after and will be gone quickly. Those who want to be part of the hunt for the 5000 Swiss Francs prize-money will have to be fast before even getting to Flims. Thanks to the new competition format, the riders can also sign-up for single races instead registering for all of them. But not everything is new: The organizers stay true to the three stages: Night Trail, Sunset Trail by Spy and High Noon Trail by Trek. The highlight for all Enduro fans is the race of the European Enduro Series presented by XS Power Drink. This competition will take place on Saturday, 5th of July 2014. Registration for the Enduro Race has to be done at

The race which is a festival...

Dakine Trailfox is a cult among freeride mountain bikers, but still, it keeps evolving. For the 12th edition, the competition format and the name have been slightly changed. Senta Gautschi, head of the event, explains why: "We wanted to give the Dakine Trailfox a bit of a refresh. That's why we put it together with the stop of the European Enduro Series. This makes the event more attractive – for the riders as well as for the spectators. And we are certain that the new format will attract participants that have not yet attended Dakine Trailfox." For the spectators, there is a lot to look forward to. The rockresort at the valley station of the cable car in Laax is the perfect location, states Senta Gautschi: "It's a big get-together, that's what makes this event so special. This is the reason why we changed the name to Dakine Trailfox Bikefestival. The rockresort provides everything we need to offer the riders for a top-notch bikerace and cool side events offering cozy coffee bars, bike rental and maintenance service as well as pumptracks and skill areas."

About the Dakine Trailfox Bike Festival

The event village of the Dakine Trailfox Bike Festival is the meeting point for hundreds of freeride and enduro mountainbikers. It's situated at the rockresort next to the valley station of the cable car. There, riders and specators find booths of the event's partners and can test their newest gear. Shops, coffee-shops and bars line up at the finish area of the Enduro Race and the High Noon Trail. Small and bigger bikers test their skills on the Kids Pumptrack and in the Skill Area. The Dakine Trailfox Bikefestival, successor to the legendary Trailfox Freeride Rallye, is presenting Flims bike resort at its best: the trails, bike facilities, cable cars as well as restaurants and accomodation facilities offer just about anything you need for an extendend, unforgettable and exhausting weekend with your bike.

Race 1: Night Trail

Trailfox traditionally starts with a night race on Friday. The riders themselves have to take care of their lighting when blazing over the Trek Runcatrail (featured last year in Tuesday Trails).
Starting fee: CHF 25

Race 2: European Enduro Series presented by XS Power Drink

The European Enduro Series is a new international racing series. Six great destinations in five countries join their forces to close the gap between national Enduro Races and the Enduro World Series. The second race of the series is taking place in Flims during the Dakine Trailfox Bike Festival.
Starting fee: EUR 50 (approx. CHF 60) + EUR 10 (approx. CHF 12) for lift tickets.

Race 3: Sunset Trail by Spy

Saturday night, the Afterwork Trail next to the Prau La Selva Sport Area, is at the center of attention. Many natural and man-made obstacles are waiting for the riders. The trail passes through the woods, over rocks, brigdes and drops down to the finish line. The chicken lines are reduced to a minimum. The race on the Sunset Trail is a highlight for the spectators cheering at an arm's length from the riders on the course.
Starting fee: CHF 25

Race 4: High Noon Trail by Trek

On Sunday at noon, after the mass start at 2200 meters above sea level, it's all about the best position in the field. The first part of the track passes wide slopes eventually narrowing to a singletrail offering almost no space to overtake. Later, the trail that has a total lenght of 7k, passes through the woods and over meadows where overtaking is much easier than on the tight forest tracks. The finish line is down in the middle of the festival village, at the rockresort next to the valley station of the cable car in Laax.
Starting fee: CHF 50

General Race Info

All four races will have their separate ranking. You may start in one, several or all races of the Dakine Trailfox Bike Festival. There is no limits concerning the changing of bikes, tyres or suspension. Only exception is the Enduro Race where the Series' rule book has to be followed.

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