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Trek Runcatrail at Flims


Trek Runcatrail Flims

The longest flow country trail in Europe: The TREK Runcatrail at Flims in Switzerland.

This week's Tuesday Trail takes us to Flims Bike Park in Switzerland. Pioneered by the legendary Hans Rey, flow-country trails are about "a style of trail that could become a new micro trend in the world of mountain biking and would appeal to a large number of riders, no matter what their background".

The Trek Runcatrail was comprehensively renovated for the first time and a new lower section built for the Summer 2012 season. The upper section was then finished this Spring in 2013. The lower section was awarded the "flow country trail" designation by the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) in Autumn 2012. After the total rebuilding in Spring 2013, the Runcatrail with a total length of 6 kilometres is now the longest flow country trail in Europe.

The new TREK Runcatrail is graded at easy to medium. Beginners just roll over simple rollers while more ambitious bikers tackle the berms, jumps and rollers stylishly and at speed. With its northshore, dirt and freeride features, the Trek Runcatrail is a playground for freestyle-loving mountain bikers and freeriders. The fresh surface and new features along its length make it a more playful route with significantly better flow. All the wooden elements are painted with textured paint and therefore remain non-slip even when wet. Safe!

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