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Q&A: Joyride150 Indoor Bike Park!!

Who are you and what do you do at Joyride150 Indoor Bike Park?

Shannon Bentley, Co-Owner Joyride150 Indoor Bike Park.

How long ago was Joyride150 Bike Park developed? Who or what was the driving force?

Joyride150 opened in December of 2009 by 2 couples, who are really into cycling.

How many visitors do you get during the week vs. the weekend? Who are your riders?  

Joyride150 gets riders of all skill levels (beginners – pros) & ages (18mos olds – 70yr olds)…and from many bike disciplines like Cross-Country, BMX, Dirt Jump, Trials, Flat-Land, etc.  Busy days fluctuate depending on the season – weekends are more popular during the winter and weekdays are more popular during the summer.

What area of your park gets the most usage or attention? What is the most the popular feature at your bike park?

All areas of the park get a lot of use – if they don’t, we change it up.  Our Vert Park area definitely gets a lot of media attention…many BMX riders shoot promotional videos there.

Do you re-develop your floor plan very often?

Yes, the park is in constant transition…we like to make improvements & keep things fresh for the riders on a regular basis.

What is the mountain bike scene/culture like at your bike park?

We like to think of it as a “cycling” scene.  All cycling disciplines get along really well and everyone has a lot of respect for everyone else in the park.  It’s a great, positive atmosphere for riding of any type.

Tell us about any big events that are happening this summer at the bike park?

Summer camps for kids ages 5 – 15 with four programs tailored to different skill levels.  Camps are one week in length and run for 9 sessions starting at the end of June.  Kids learn new biking skills from our professional instructors, while building confidence, self-esteem, and meeting new friends.  Registration is now open!

What does the future hold for Joyride150 Bike Park?

Who knows??? smiley

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