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Kronplatz-Freeride Green Light, Go? Kronplatz Freeride Q&A

Who are you and what do you do at Kronplatz Freeride Bike Park?
We are Michaela and Markus. We are the initiators and promoters of all the freeride activities on Kronplatz. I, Markus, am also the trail builder. We are the ones who take care of the trails, the bikers, and the events. We don’t have a typical bike park with a variety of trails to choose from; rather, we have one amazing long trail, which is 9 km in length. It has a difference an altitude of about 1250 m. This freeride trail is called Herrnsteig – it has many different lines to choose from. We also have a pump-track and skills area at the base. We have big news for you, this summer 2014 we are working on plans to open a second trail to Furcia Pass. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

How long ago was Kronplatz Freeride Bike Park developed? Who or what was the driving force?

We have been passionate mountain bikers and freeriders for a long time. If we wanted to ride berms and jumps we had to go to the bike parks in Austria or other countries in the neighborhood. Our goal was and is to ride and share with other bikers our own built trails. It took two years to raise enough money and get permission before we could start building in 2010. Every year we try to build some more lines off of the Herrnsteig trail.

How many visitors do you get in a weekend/season at the bike park?
We had about 20,000 runs in the past season. It’s really cool meeting and biking with friends and people from all over South Tyrol and neighbor-regions on the weekends.

What is the most popular trail at your bike park?
It´s the Herrnsteig because it´s the only one. – Until this summer perhaps! J

Will there be any new trails added this season or will you be re-developing any existing trails?
Once permission is granted we will begin to build a new trail that goes to Furcia, hopefully!

Describe the predominant “style” of riding at your park? (Natural vs. Manmade, DH/Tech/Steep vs. Flow/Features) Typically, what kind of terrain do you have? (Rocky, Dry-dusty, Tacky, Roots)…

The cool thing is we have all of it on our 9 km long trail: we have some natural pieces with rocks and roots, but nothing too difficult. Other sections are manmade and nicely shaped with beautiful berms and very fast sections.

What is the mountain bike scene/culture like at your bike park?
The riders like the different character of our trail. Also, the fast cable car and the nice bar with good coffee, good drinks and food. We are a small but fine mountain bike spot with a lot of good bike tours around us.

Tell us a little bit about Kronplatz mountain town. Are there any restaurants or bars that mtb-ers like to spend their time?
The meeting point is the Kron Treff Bar at the station in Reischach. Here you get the perfect cappuccino in the morning and good food at any time!!

Tell us about any big events that are happening this summer at the bike park?
This year we host the European Enduro Series on 26 and 27 July! Nice trails and nice people will be there after a perfect stop of the Specialized Sram Enduro Series last year.

When is your typical season? Do you have an opening date yet?
We open on 7th June and we close on the 12th of October.

What does the future hold for Kronplatz Freeride Bike Park?
We will get bigger and better, from mountain bikers for mountain bikers.

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