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5 reasons not to miss the opening of the Mottolino Bikepark

If you did not think about it, we are about to tell you: joining the opening of the Mottolino bikepark in Livigno is a memorable moment, Why? Voila.

1. Your will to ride the bikepark is directly proportional to the effort that the shaper’s team made to free the trails from snow.

Maybe it does not seem like it (not even we expected that) but even though the snowfalls this winter were not very consistent and frequent it took quite some time to get rid of the snow to free the downhill trails at the top. We need diggers and a lot of work, but we made it!!


2. You can test all of the Booking, Trivago, Kijiji and Kayak websites, but offers like ours cannot be found anywhere else.

Yes, because the season begins with the usual opening weekend, during which you will be able to ride for two days at the price of one, it then goes on with the Bikepass Free. You just need to sleep for three or more nights in a BikeHotel and you get the bikepass for free. You don’t know how and where to reserve? Use the MottolinoGo portal and discover all the info!


3. The promo above are not the ones for you? There is another one, you just need to come during the week.

Along with the fact that there are a lot less people, saving is guaranteed. The mid week promo are available both for the rent and for accommodation. Now you have no more excuses! You don’t know where to find them? MottolinoGo is the website to check!


4. A new terrace facing Livigno is waiting for you!

Since about two weeks the days in the office have been accompanied by the fantastic sound of Jackhammers which make the amount of work to do for the opening even crazier. But since it will soon turn into a beautiful terrace to have a pizza on at Kosmo, we try not to give too much importance the sound, anyway if we shout no one can hear us.


5. You favourite crew is waiting for you!

There is no better reason than you and us together for the opening! Yes, I know, the concept is not expressed at its best, but you know very well the feeling of being all together, so it’s useless for me to try to explain it in words. And the weather forecast is looking great!


So,what are you waiting for? Are you not reserving?

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