Mottolino Bike Park Livigno

Mottolino Bike Park Livigno /

Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 27 Apr 2013.
Date of Visit: 21 Aug 2012

Really Fun Bike Park

I have to say immediately that this bike park hasn't many trails as it has two trails with many little and short (but fun) variants..The first trail is very fast, with many jumps and drops, very easy, with no technical passages: very very fun!!! we can call it “speed and style (jumps)” trail. The second trail has less jumps but many technical passages to overcome with speed. it's a fast track where you overcome technical passages touching on tree with an awesome speed!!!! very very fun!!

But obviously these trails are fun but they’re are not efficient for serious training. So this bike park is valid and fun but not for more than two days because at the end of the story...there are only two trails... There is another trail - the world championships track that exist only to say “we are cool, you can ride in the world championships track!!!” But is a track with no sense, no speed, no jumps, no intelligent's a very old style trail. My advice it's not trying it: it's not fun and not efficient for training....

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