Mottolino Bike Park Livigno

Mottolino Bike Park Livigno /

Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 9 Feb 2014.
Date of Visit: 4 Feb 2014

Just for one day, just for fun

I have to say immediately that this bike park hasn't many trails as he says...... it has three trails with many and little (but fun) variants.... 

The first trail is very fast, with many jumps and drops, very easy with no techincal passages: very very fun!! We can calli it speed and jumps!!! 

The second trail has less jumps but many technical passages to overcome with speed. It's a fast track where you overcome technical passages  touching on tree with an awesome speed! Also this one is very funny!

The last trail is blue, very simple: no jumps or drops, no technical passages, no speed, it's good for beginners....

If you ride here is only for fun, not for training: there aren't training trails; the only thing you can train about is jumps: there are a lot of jumps and also an airbag!

If you go here don't stay for more than three days because after three days with this three trails you will be bored and apart jump you haven't done training! Ah, there is the world championship track...... track with no sense, no speed, no jumps, no intelligent passages..... a very old style track!  They continue to have this track only to say: "we have a world championship track, try it!" but is not funny, not hard and useless for trainind. My advice? don't try it!  Go here for two simple days of fun in the two trails with speed and jumps and have fun with the airbag!

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