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New XC Trails at Silver Star XC Trails at Silver Star

Starting in the spring of 2013 Trail Crew will be working hard to open up some new XC trails located right outside the mountain village. By cutting some new trail and linking up with some cross country bike trails that have some long history associated with them this new trail network will be coming online summer 2013 and will continue to grow and become a great network for summer riding where it is always 10 degrees cooler in the Okanagan summers.

The goal is to have 2 loops developed for this summer and more building throughout the summer and in the future. This is a new project for Silver Star and will be continual work in progress and priority for the resort.

Trail passes are required for riding this area and the cost will be a whopping $5 and can be purchased at Ski Dazzle ticket office. Or a seasons pass upgrade is available for the astronomical price $20 or an XC Seasons Pass is available for the blistering price of $35.

We appreciate that XC trails down in the valley do not cost money but this trail fee goes directly towards building new trails to add to the XC network and also to maintain the existing trails. Silver Star Bike Patrol will also be present on the trails to assist with an injuries or bike maintenance problems and that does come with an operating cost. This is an area of the resort that we would really like to build and expand so we hope you appreciate and support this endeavour.

Enjoy the ride this summer!

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