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Top of the world open July 1st 2015

Top Of The World: July 1st

28 June 2015

Don't miss your chance to ride The Top Of The World trail at Whistler Bike Park. Opening this week on July 1st 2015

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whistler opening 2015

The A-B-C's of Big Pimpin

28 April 2015

Okay, so it is no secret that Whistler Mountain Bike Park is opening this weekend. Yes, the mother ship is calling! So, what can we say to those who have maybe never been there before? How about this: (and we are speaking from experience)

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in the zone

In The Zone

24 June 2014

The Fitz Zone features a trail for every rider whether it’s your first time or looking to take things to the next level. The Fitz Zone is the original Whistler Mountain Bike Park area with 5 difficulty levels including A-Line, and all 5 skill centres.

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Garbanzo Zone Open 2014

Garbo Zone Opens Today!

21 June 2014

Whistler gets 5 times bigger overnight as the Garbanzo Zone opens for 2014!

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War On Winter

Whistler Video: War On Winter

12 May 2014

Whistler Mountain Bike Park Manager, Brian Finestone has put his army to work in preparation for opening day. The troops were rallied and reported for duty. The battle against the elements to perfect the trails has begun.

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Whistler top 10

Top 10 Trails at Whistler Bike Park

1 May 2014

Whistler has a ton of great trails to choose from. Opening day is just around the corner. So, check out WorldBikeParks Top 10 best-trails list below and learn why we selected these 10 as the primo bike trails at Whistler.

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Whistler Video Image

Wait For It...Wait For It...

24 March 2014

Such a good race event at Whistler Bike Park. The Canadian Open race is Full-On! And, from the helmet-cam perspective of pro-downhiller Marcelo Gutierrez, the Canadian Open track is insane in the membrane!

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Natty Middle GLC

Whistler Bike Park Can't Get Here Soon Enough!

8 March 2014

For most of us living in the Northern Hemisphere summer can't get here soon enough! We stand in solidarity with you Adam!

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Top of the world opens

Top Of The World Opening at Whistler

10 July 2013

The Peak Zone and the new Top of the World alpine trail are the latest additions to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, expanding the Park's vertical by over 1,000 feet for a total of almost 5,000 feet of riding.

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Garbanzo Zone Opening

Garbanzo Zone Opening

20 June 2013

It’ll be one of the best openings of the Garbanzo Zone yet thanks to warm temps and faster snow melt that has blessed the Park right from day 1.

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