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ECRT Introduction

A whole summer of bike park shredding - the EAST COAST ROAD TRIP 2014!

Throughout the summer, we are on the road visiting 15 of the biggest and best bike parks on the East Coast of the US and Canada. With so many awesome bike park trails to shred it’s going to be a massive challenge, but we reckon we’re up to it.

The East Coast Chronicles Feature Series is where we are posting the regular articles about where we are, what we’re up to, and who we’re riding with. If you see us on location then come and say hi, have a chat, tell us what you think of the trails, and join us for a ride. We’ll also be shooting stacks of images and videos, so there’s even a chance you could feature in them! We’ll post images to our Facebook page and if you see yourself in any, then go ahead and tag it. If you like the image and want a copy then drop us a line and we’ll gladly send it your way.

Plus, to fuel us through a grueling 2 months of riding, the awesome guys at Nature’s Bakery have sent us a huge amount of energy bars. This should keep us going nicely and better still, we have plenty to share! So if you’ve already put in multiple laps and are running on empty, come and grab a free bar from us and we’ll get you back out on the trails until the lifts shut. We’ll let you know exactly when and where we’ll be giving these out at each bike park once we get there, so stay tuned to our Twitter account for more info.

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