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The End of the East Coast Road Trip

end of ecrt

(Highland Bike Park)

So that’s it for the ECRT for 2014. It’s been a good run. We’ve done our best to bring you the real story from each location we’ve been to – got the word on the trails from the local riders and the bike park trail crew, and scoped out things that you might not get to hear about in standard resort promotions, or discover on your own day trip visit. We’ve had a riot doing it – hanging out with some awesome people, riding some brilliant trails, getting a little bit rough at times on the IPAs, picking up a few injuries, and getting sick to death of the unpacking and packing-up cycle gear as we blasted from bike park to bike park. But it was all sooo worth it! The happy consequence of a road trip like this is the basic opportunity to just ride bikes; out and about in the woods and forests of the East Coast, on many of the best bike park trails the ‘industry’ has to offer. Not bad at all.

(Attitash Bike Park)

We had a good crack at putting together some cool video summaries. So the links to the videos from each location are listed below, just in case you missed them along the way. Check out the Report Cards for a quick visual summary of any single location, and if you’re planning a visit to any one of our summer stops, then make sure you dip in to the articles again as you might just find out something useful!

The ECRT Videos

  1. Sugarbush Bike Park, Vermont, click here for the video
  2. Killington Bike Park, Vermont, click here for the video
  3. Attitash Bike Park, New Hampshire, click here for the video
  4. Highland Mountain Bike Park, New Hampshire, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.
  5. Mount Snow Bike Park, Vermont, click here for the video
  6. Q-Burke Bike Park, Vermont, click here for the video
  7. Kingdom Trails, Vermont, click here for the video
  8. Bromont, Quebec, click here for the video
  9. Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec, Video 1 and Video 2
  10. Whiteface, New York, click here for the video
  11. Windham, New York, click here for the video
  12. Mountain Creek, New Jersey, click here for the video
  13. Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, click here for the video
  14. Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia, click here for the video

Massive thanks

There are way too many people that we need to thank, so we won’t list them all here. Everyone knows who they are, and the riders got a shout out in the video credits. It took a fair bit of effort to put on a tour like this, so we just want to say thanks to all the resort and bike park folks that made us so welcome and helped us through the physical and emotional battle that the ECRT most definitely was!

(Mountain Creek Bike Park)

What next?

As for next year. We’re not sure of the plans yet, but you can be sure we’ll be doing something similar and it will be well-cool! Hopefully you’ll join us for that too. And in the mean time keep an eye out for something else that we have up our sleeves – something we’re pretty excited about that could add a whole new element to your bike park riding. The season might be coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, but stay in touch as you just might want to plan ahead.

Road Trip 2015 here we come… whoop-whoop!

David, Nat and Trey.

(Trey, Natty & David)

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