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Kingdom Trails Report Card

Kingdom Report Card

Our first report card focusing on a XC trail center. It's pay-to-play on Kingdom Trails as it's a  charitable non-profit organization dedicated to creating & maintaining trails entirely on private land.

Total Vertical:  N/A - XC trail network only.
Number of Lifts:  N/A
Type of uplift:  Your own legs.
Bike Attachment:  Hands to grips & Feet to pedals.
Number of Trails:  Dozens of trails & growing.
Guides available:  Only through an independent company.
Lessons available:  As above.
Beginner Trails:

 This is the place to teach your mum, girlfriend, or soft-city 

 slicker mate to learn to mountain bike!

Intermediate Trails:  Plenty of progression trails to take it up a notch.
Advanced Trails:  Some very small features, rocks & roots. Lacks steepness.
Technical trails:  Occassionally some technical bits of trail. 
Flow/jump trails:

 Not the sort of place to go for jumps, although the trails do

 have a great natural XC type of flow. 

Trail variety:

 No DH or Freeride, but there is good variety on the trails in the

 form of small berms, rollers, roots, rocks, & ladder bridges. 

Trail Conditions:  Well built and maintained.
Trail signposting:  
Other trails in area:  Q-Burke Bike Park trails are connected to Kingdom Trails!
Day Pass Value for money:

 It's pay-to-play at this trail centre that's built on land owned by

 many different private land owners. Otherwise, it probably 

 would not exist at all. 

Ease of parking to lift:  Plenty of parking near the main trailheads.
Lift lines:    N/A
Quality of rental fleet:  Excellent at East Burke Sports.
On-site Bike Shop:  As above.
Lunch options:

 Gas station mini-mart, the Country Store, the Tiki Bar food

 truck, & Ruby Lee's Ice Cream. 

Water by the lifts (yes/no):  Carry your own.  N/A
Lockers available (yes/no):    No
Camping/RV park (yes/no):  Up the hill at Burke Mountain Campground.  Yes
Staff friendliness:  

 As a riding destination yes, but this is not a resort-type 

 location. However, there is a small rocky beach and swimming 

 in the river. There are hiking trails & Willoughby Lake.

Restaurants:  The Outback Pub & the Tiki Bar food truck.
Nightlife:  What you make of it at the Tiki Bar!
Random:  Only that this is on idyllic location to ride bikes that deserves the press it gets.


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