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Cruel & Unusual at Trestle


Cruel & Unusual at Trestle

After last week's stop at Highland Mountain on the East Coast of the US, we head West to Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort in Colorado. The Cruel & Unusual trail is now one of their signature jump trails and one of the best reasons to hit up the park there. The video is from last year when the trail opened, but it's such a good one we thought it was worth featuring for the Tuesday Trail vid. Filmed by the Vital MTB crew, with the Bike Park Manager Bob Holme introducing the trail and giving a great insight in to their general approach to the trails at Trestle...

"Our philosophy at Trestle Bike Park is reward the best riders, and meanwhile not to break the ones that are working to get to be the best riders, so enjoy the trails, enjoy all the features, enjoy the fact that if you slip a pedal, or jam a chain, we got your back too."

Rider Nick Simcik shreds his way down the hill to a pretty chilled sound track and makes it look easy. And he sums it all up nicely at the bottom, just in case you weren't watching on the way down...

"I don't think I touched my brakes until the very bottom of it, and I maybe pedalled 4 times in a 2 and half minute trail, so you're always doing something and that something generally isnt pedalling or braking, it's all turning and pumping and jumping and dropping and it's just awesome!"

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