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Falco at Châtel


Falco at Chatel

When it comes to the trails at Châtel Bike Park in France, we could have featured any number of them. But this one happens to be an aweosme video with a dog in it, so makes it all the more worthy of a Tuesday Trail!

Flimed at the end of the 2013 season for EpicTV, Nico Vink tears down the Falco trail in the wet, followed at speed by the dog who gave the trail it's name - Falco the lightening quick border collie! Falco actually belongs to Francois, one of the head trail crew at Châtel Bike Park, which of course means he can build a new trail and name it after his dog!

Filming was quite a challenge by all accounts with weather really not helping, and the whole atmosphere of the video gives the impression of end of season riding with the winter clouds looming. But the final product was epic and you get a good idea of the other slick trails on offer at Châtel at the same time. Enjoy...

Director & Producer: Dmitri Shushuyev
Rider: Nico Vink

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