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A-Line at Whistler


A-Line at Whistler Mountain

OK so everyone knows this trail already. But Friday 16th May was a big day in the bike park world. Whistler Mountain Bike Park opened it's trails for the 2014 season. After a long hard winter, summer stretches ahead with all the promise of big air laps at this mountain bike mecca.  So for Tuesday Trail this week, we just had to feature the epic A-Line. The ultimate in big jump trails, and the trail that spawned similar copy-cat trails at bike parks around the world. Get your A-Line t-shirt at Garbanzo Bike & Bean after you shred it, as your own "been there, done that" public announcement. In the mean time, check out Brian Lopes from a few years back...

New Lower Section

Just to keep you up to date, the Whistler Trail Crew re-modeled a big section of lower A-Line towards the end of last season. Previously a long flat section of feature-less double track, rider feedback on the un-affectionately termed 'speed-way' was less than positive. Ask and you shall receive - now replaced by more of the grin-inducing berms and tabletops that make the rest of A-Line such a crowd-pleaser.  Check it out...

Main Image: bikeparkphotos.com

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