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Skyline at Snowshoe


Skyline at Snowshoe

At the end of the 2013 season, Snowshoe Bike Park put the finishing touches to their brand new flow trail on the Western Territory side of the mountain (over the back). The Skyline Trail is a 3 mile long jump trail with 50 jumps (yes fifty jumps!) and stacks of everything else you would expect from this kind of trail - berms, switchbacks, rollers, step-ups and step-downs. It's a blue grade intermediate trail which means it's been designed and built with every rider ability in mind - everyone can get stoked at Skyline! The build is the fine work of Brad Stone and the 402Trails team, and the video gives you some idea of the work that went in to building the it. Interesting point - 2 inches of rain had fallen only 48 hours before shooting the film and yet as you can see it's pretty much dry! Serious drainage going on there which is of course awesome to keep the trail open and ridable all season no matter what the weather brings!

Video Credit: Scott Wootten at Adventureseen.com.

Riders: Sam Skidmore, Collin Vento, Nate Shearer, Susan Haywood and Kyle Grau.

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