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Surface To Air at Aston Hill


Surface To Air Aston Hill

So, it's about time we got the Tuesday Trails series going again, as we've been off the pace over the winter. But we're back in business now and ready to make amends, starting things off again with a trip to Aston Hill Bike Park near London England and the Surface to Air trail. Here's the lowdown from the bike park team directly...

"The idea behind the Surface to Air trail was to create a little piece of Whistler in the UK. Fortunately we had our own Cannuck-wannabe – freshly returned from seasoning and trail-building in Canada – to inspire us, and after some initial napkin sketches, Surface to Air started to take shape. A year of manual earth moving and several tonnes of surfacing material later, there was an amazing new trail at Aston Hill – Surface to Air had been born. Moving away from the Hill’s trademark steep, rooty, natural trails, Surface to Air is the first all-weather track on the Hill; it takes the cutting edge of global freeride mountain biking and brings it to the trail-hungry rippers of the home counties. Surface to Air is steep, fast and fun; getting air is the main dish on the menu, and it’s served red hot. It really is the most fun you can have with your shorts on. It's suitable for riders aspiring to an elite level of technical ability and incorporates everything from full on downhill riding to optional big-air jumps and natural features which will obviously be challenging and so involves extreme levels of exposure and/or risk. Basically you must be able to jump!"

The guys at Geebeebee Media put together this aweome edit of the trail, so props to Farah and the team there. Enjoy...

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