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Quarry Line at Revolution


Quarry Line at Revolution

Revolution Bike Park in Llangynog North Wales is situated at the foot of the Snowdonia National Park, just near the English border. They are developing a reputation for some seriously advanced mountain bike trails, and a quick look at their Pro Lines confirms this approach. Classified as 'Extreme Difficulty Rating', the trails are described as "...suitable for the professional and elite riders only who have honed their downhill and bike park skills to an exceptionally high level.

Pro lines will include mandatory jumps, gaps, and large features with no ride-arounds". At many bike parks, the trails with the highest difficulty rating still enable a less-skilled rider to get down them. Whilst it's not recommended, it's possible to roll the trail to take a look, avoid the big features and climb over or even down the sections that are beyond your capabilities! But not so here - the Quarry Line is not to be messed with unless you're at the top of your game - for professional/elite riders only with considerable experience of riding highly challenging terrain and large jumps and drops!

Enter Dan Atherton. One of the reasons behind Revolution's rapid development of extreme trails is their proximity to the home of Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton. Having 3 of best mountain bikers in the world on your doorstep is going to help with trail progression and the Athertons have been instrumental in building the Quarry Line Trail. This video was shot towards the end of last season when Dan was just returning from shoulder surgery - and what a great way to announce your return on the scene!

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