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The Black Run at Crans Montana


Black Line at Crans Montana

For Tuesday Trail this week we head to Switzerland to feature The Black Run trail at Crans Montana Bike Park. A completely man-made and totally awesome classic alpine downhill trail, the Black Run features steep rocky faces, fast dusty berms, a cool canyon section, and of course plenty of air time if you want it. The trail is a labour of love for Crans Montana local and head trail-builder Enrico Sammali, who talks through his approach to building mountain bike trails with flow...

"I like to build trails with decent flow. For any level where you can challenge yourself without building things that are too difficult and that people are not scared of. Trails on which you can increase your skills and everybody feels comfortable no matter what level. A trail with flow is a trail that is not too hard to ride. That required not too much braking. A track that is fun and that you can ride with speed and without stopping or pedalling hard. A track that allows to keep the speed."

The video is the second episode in a new series from Tom Malecha, owner of Filme Von Draussen. The 'Ask The Shaper' Series is now showing on EpicTV so keep an eye out for that - next up is Châtel so you can expect that to be awesome as well.

Trail Builder: Enrico Sammali.

Riders: Johannes Riebl and Dino Pfeilschmidt

Video: Tom Malecha at Filme Von Draussen - Ask The Shaper Series

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