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World Cup at Hafjell


World Cup at Hafjell

It was a huge weekend at Hafjell Bike Park in Norway, as the 2014 Mountain Bike World Championships went off with a bang. Having previous staged UCI World Cup downhill events, Hafjell already had a proven world class DH track, appropriately named the World Cup trail! The video for this week's Tuesday Trail is a couple of years old but it's such a cracker, plus it's not helmet cam POV footage all the way down, so gives you some much better perspectives of what the trail has in store. And the World Champs course was largely the same, with a few tweaks here and there. Basically, big jumps, fast berms, and plenty of rocks. Mathias Jørgensen and Hans Petter Gjevik do the shredding, the video was filmed and edited by Anders Håheim, and the music is Warp Riders - Black Widow.

And if you haven't see it, just check out Josh Bryceland's GoPro helmet cam footage from the World Champs on the weekend. An insanely fast run which gave him second place, even after being unable to pedal for the last 100 meters or so. The reason - he didn't want to brake going in to the last massive jump, and overshot by some distance, braking his angle on the landing. You have to watch to the end to see how he deals with it - foot hanging as he crosses the line and then calmly communicating the situation to Peaty and the medic, before discussing the "brake, or not to brake" issue with Minnaar. He is one seriously tough cookie...!

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