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Northshore at Winterberg


Northshore Trail at Winterberg

Something different for the Tuesday Trail this week... after numerous downhill, jump and flow trails we thought we'd feature a bit of wooden northshore fun at Winterberg Bike Park in Germany...

The trail designer has packed in pretty much every feature you would expect from a northshore trail. There are elevated wood-rides which vary from 10 centimeters to 1 meter in width, numerous jumps and drops at different heights throughout the trail, and see-saw rockers to challenge your balancing abilities. It can also be ridden quite fast, with wooden berms added to help it all flow. Its 750m in length which doesn't sound that long but it's pretty impressive for a full-on northshore trail that doesn't let-up throughout. That's a lot of wood, a lot of building, and a lot of concentration on your bike... wunderbar auf Deutsch!

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