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Posted by: D M on 27 Jun 2015.
Date of Visit: 27 Jun 2015

Canyons - uppidy staff and not knowledgable nor on the same page

Visited the Canyons this past weekend for some bike park action in PC. It's the only lift served park around. Went to buy my lift ticket and they informed me of some trail closures due to a race. Race wasn't listed on their main bike park website. Ok no problem.....Then I asked about finding some flowing jump trails and the ticket attendent said "all of them are" as he pointed to the map. I asked, even the "green runs?". He said "yeah they are all flow jump trails." At this point a nice gal jumped in and clarified that the green runs do not have jumps on them. You'd think peope working there would know what they were talking about!

So next my wife needs to rent a DH bike. The guy helping her acted like he didn't want to be bothered. She needed a small. She's tiny. The bike marginlly fit her but the seat post was quite high. We aksed if they coud change it. The attendant seemed miffed we would even ask. Sorry but have the right cockpit set-up is essential. If these people are so uninterested in working their or helping others go find a job somewhere else.

Now, the trails - Need to take two lifts to get to the main area. The main park had 4 trails, 2 green, 1 blue and 1 black. All very short in length. About 1/2 mile maybe. The blue and black did have some nice wooden features that were well maintained. Overall there were not many trails and they were quite short but they were fun. To get back to the main area you either need to ride down mostly CC/enduro trails or download on the gondola.

Now here's where it gets confusing. All the lift attendants AND patrol said there were NO trail closures until 3pm for the race. I asked between 11am and 12. So we decide to ride a trail, richochet, that was supposed to be opened only to find out after going down the lower section is closed for the race and we were rerouted on a crappy green trail that required you to ride uphill for a portion. The staff there needs to get on the same page.

Only gave it 2 stars for the short trail lenght and crappy service. Too bad its the only game in town. With more competition they'd be forced to up their game.

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