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The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance worked in partnership with King County to bring you Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. Duthie Hill is located in the Issaquah Plateau. The bike park sits on a 120-acre forest with rolling hills. The 120-acres has all been approved to be a bike park. There is a 2.5-acre clearing in the middle that serves as a gathering spot for all mountain bikers and is the zone where most of the trails begin. In this middle section of Duthie you can find a pump track, log drops, and an area where you can practice your balancing skills.

Duthie Hill offers something for every type of mountain biker, literally! There are easy XC trails, all the way up to double back diamond freeride trails.The easier trails offer options to practice on to help improve mountain bikers’ skills, i.e., small drops, log rides, wide ladders, and small jumps. (Everything is optional)The moderate XC trails offer optional elevated ladders, logs, drops, and skinnies. This progression is designed to help advance mountain bikers’ skills.The more difficult XC trails have all of the mentioned above but includes an advance rock garden waterfall.

Duthie Hill is known for its advanced freeride trails. On any given day you will find many mountain bikers working on progressing their freeride skills. On the moderate freeride trails you can find small to medium sized jumps and drops. All the jumps can be rolled. On one of the trails you can find a wide elevated ladder drop-in. Other larger optional drops can be found as well. There is even an optional gap jump and optional step-up and step-downs off to the side.If you want to advance further they offer an in-between blue/black trail that is narrower with steep banked turns and jumps.The advanced freeride trail can still be ridden by anyone who is curious to see the trail but it offers everything listed above but bigger.

Once you get to the double back diamond trail you better know your mountain bike handing skills. This trail is a commitment with devastating consequence if you are not ready. The things to note about this trail are course-correction in the air, steep faced big jumps, and drops with steep landing. It is also worth noting that the features are closer together, therefore more demanding of its riders.


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