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VP Components Endurofest Moves to China Peak Enduro moves to China Peak

VP Components EnduroFest has announced a change of venue from The Dirt Club in Los Olivos on April 19-20 to China Peak Mountain Resort in Lakeshore on June 21-22.

VP Components Brand Director and former EnduroFest event director Erik Saunders sees this opportunity as an evolution of VP Component's commitment to promoting the sport of enduro and supporting California-based enduro events in partnership with the California Enduro Series (CES). "We're excited to take all we've learned about creating and running a successful event at the Dirt Club venue and apply it to developing a truly world-class event at China Peak."

CES Director Steve Gemelos agrees, "CES seeks to promote top-level events that showcase California's all-mountain riding experiences, and we're appreciative of VP's dedication to making that happen."

Although still playing a pivotal role in the planning of the event, Saunders will be stepping back to focus on sponsor relations, bringing on Santa Cruz Super Enduro race manager Sean Andrasik to manage the event. Andrasik enthuses, "We're going to take the amazing Santa Cruz Super Enduro weekend experience and bring it to the big mountain scene at China Peak."

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