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Posted by: Jon Theis on 12 Mar 2014.
Date of Visit: 29 Sep 2013

Cottage Grove is a blast!

Cottage Grove is pretty much what I've been dreaming of my whole life. Our own little slice of biker paradise, right there tucked into a nice city park as a respected part of the city, not a bunch of poorly maintainted dirt jumps illegally hidden away on someone's property.

Here it is, right in the middle of a nice residential neighborhood, right next to a soccer field, a 4x track, 2 pump tracks, and a world class jump section to come.

The park is extremely well designed and built by volunteers who welcome anyone to come throw dirt with them. All the guys I met with MORC and IMBA when I went out for a build day were super friendly and welcoming to someone who came from out of town to join in on the fun.

They've recently been chosen as a finalist fo the Bell Built IMBA grant, but even if they don't win they'll still continue to build and create. The 2 pump tracks are super fun and offer a ton of different lines, as can be seen in the video. It was cool to be there and be one of the first to ride the tracks to see what new lines people realized as we got it broken in.

One track is more advanced with one being aimed more at beginners, though both can be fun for riders of all abilities. I also heard talk of them designing a super mellow strider track for the real little ones.

Chance and the crew have created a world class park the likes of which MN has never seen. I can't wait to go back this year with my new bike! In the future they will actually be holding 4x races and jump jams, so I better get practicing!

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