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Who are you and what do you do for Eagle Bike Park?

My name is Garrett Kerr and I am the president of the Boise Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA). Our advocacy group is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of cycling opportunities at the Eagle Bike Park.

How long has the Eagle Bike Park been around? Who or what was the driving force behind developing the area for bikes?

The Eagle Bike Park first broke ground in the winter of 2008. Initial funding for the trails came from the biking community (about $100,000) and Ada County (almost $15,000).  Since then, most of the funding for maintenance and trail expansion has come from the BAMBA, the local riders, sponsoring businesses and the City of Eagle.  The city of Eagle signed a lease with Ada County to manage the space as part of its municipal park system.

Tell us what Eagle Bike Park has to offer.

The Eagle Bike Park as four Freeride trails, three dirt jump lines, a BMX track, a pump track, a dual slalom, a 4-cross course, a cyclocross course and downhill course.  The Eagle Bike Park is located inside the Eagle Sports Complex, which also has cross country trails, a skate park, basketball courts and a picnic area.

Describe the predominant features that are offered. Is there an area that riders gravitate to more than other areas?

One of the nice things about the Eagle Bike Park is that trail use is pretty balanced. Since the Eagle Bike Park is located centrally between the cities of Eagle and the northeast corner of Boise, many families, youth and older users frequent the space in addition to your traditional riding community. The Eagle Bike Park is in the enviable position of having something for everybody whether it is expert freeride lines, sick dirt hits, smooth flow trails and cross country favorites.  Many of the cross country trails are multi-use so you also will find hikers, walkers, trail runners, horse people and dog lovers sharing the paths.

How many visitors do you get during the week vs. weekend?

Since the Eagle Bike Park is free to all, no admission records are available to track users.  Having said that, the park is popular in the mornings and evenings during the week and busier during all times of the weekend.  Since the park is literally in the city limits of Eagle, many users stop by for a quick ride before and after work as weather permits.

Will there be any new trails added this year or will you be re-developing any existing trails?

The city of Eagle is exploring adding new trails and may expand the existing trail system in the 2014-2015 seasons depending on the availability of funds.

Is there a mountain bike scene/culture at your bike park? Tell us about who your riders are.

The best way to explain the bike culture found at the Eagle Bike Park is welcoming. We do not have a “locals only” vibe at all. Boise is actually on the way to epic biking destinations in the northwest and as such we get a considerable amount of riders making their pilgrimages to those riding spots.  We welcome visitors from around the region with the warmth and hospitality that Eagle is known for. 

Do you see many bikers during the winter season? Do you try and keep the park open year round?

The Eagle Bike Park is open year round as long as the trail conditions allow. We obviously discourage riding trails in the winter when trails are muddy and in poor conditions.  However, if the trails are frozen, many hardy souls can be seen using the trials.  Some hardcore freeriders actually keep the expert line cleared of snow in order to enjoy some epic winter huck sessions.

What does the future hold for Eagle Bike Park?

The City of Eagle is the final stages of buying a select portion of the Eagle Bike Park from Ada County and has big plans for further developing the Eagle Bike Park. Stay tuned to the exciting next chapter in the storied history of the Eagle Bike Park. 

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