Jiminy Peak

Jiminy Peak /
United States

Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.
Date of Visit: 27 Sep 2014

Needs TLC

Jiminy is a small mountain - the lift is only open on weekends to the very top, otherwise only half the mountain is accessible.  The lift is quick and they load.  Hours are short - 12-5 but tickets are cheap.

The top left of the mountain are all expert - meaning all blown out, steep and rutted - no make that trenches and not worth riding - certainly not a DH run you can haul on.  The right side is better , but there is no maintainence or up keep and signage is virtually non existent.  There is no bike shop, any work is done by locals and volunteers.  It can be a great place, but needs TLC.   Nothing for beginners.    

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