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Posted by: Shad Fly on 16 Jul 2015.
Date of Visit: 16 Jul 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

The day I rode here the conditiond were great.  Nice tacky dirt.  Not to dry, not to wet.  As advertised they have the longest beginner trail in the area.  This trail is fun a lower speeds but can be a little sketchy at high speeds.  Most of the berms aren't very steep making high speed cornering challenging.  Trail 9 is fantastic.  This is an intermediate jump line.  All the jumps are tables, step up or step downs.  No madatory gaps.  There are 2 ladder drops but both have sneaks,  This trail flows well and the natural speed of the trail is generally just right to clear all the features.  Trail 10 is old school roots and rocks with a couple of man made features.  This is a pretty classic NE DH trail.  Trails 8 and 11 are short but feature some steep terrain. 

Overall, this mountain has great variety.  It lacks an expert jump line, but experts will have fun on trails 8 and 11.  Runs are average in length.  The guys in the bike shop know there stuff.  An area that could be improved is the labeling of features.  A feature will be marked but you won't know if its a drop or rollable until you see the run out.

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