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Posted by: Chris McCaffrey on 11 Jan 2015.
Date of Visit: 14 Aug 2014

A trail for everyone (sort of)

First off this is an incredible bike park and resort and now I am going to break it down into it's parts. 


Accommodations- very good with many different options in the village and near the mountain 

village- the village is sweet with a fun "skills park" and many good restaurants, the best part is it sits on TOP of the trails instead of at the bottom so you can get a run in before the lifts open. 

restaurants- really really good food at this place, I used to be a professional restaurant reviewer and I am talking best southern food I have ever had, best Mexican food, and one of the best burgers, plus there is a shack at the bottom of the front side for you to get a delicious quick and cheap lunch. 


I am going to break it down into types of riders so... 

Beginners- you will enjoy progressing on the green trails which are wide and smooth. Once you master those move onto the blues in the middle of the front side but avoid raging bull and only ride the lower blues, you can do this by riding the access road down to the entrance.

DH racers- you will love this place, on the front side if you go to any of the trails on the far left of the trail map you will have a blast but the crown jewel of Snowshoe is a trail called pro DH which has fast sections and technical sections and massive drops 

freeriders- You will really like the trails in the middle of the front side such as raging bull which features a 15 foot rock drop into a trail with good sized jumps at the top and then a huge wall ride at the bottom into a big berm into a 20 foot wooden jump that absolutely boots you. You will also like everything on the western territory especially Skyline which is one massive jump after another. 

Enduro riders- (I am an Enduro racers btw) This place is awesome for enduro stuff, I always bring my yeti sb-75 to Snowshoe so I can ride whatever I feel like. Enduro riders will literally enjoy everything here. In the DH park you will enjoy riding any of the double blacks on the front side when you want technical riding and you will enjoy the entire western territory when you want the ultimate enduro experience because the trails have so many different features and you can link up tons of trails to make your own way down the mountain.  

XC and Enduro riders- The XC trails at and near snowshoe are on point, I haven't spent to much time riding them but the ones I have are all pretty much the same. Within the vicinity of snowshoe however there are tons of great calf busting trails for you to get your workout in and they are what gives it the 4 star rating. 

Overall this is a great bike park with tons of different trails and a super sweet resort to go with it, through in the all time views and you have a world class mountain bike destination. I have attached a video from the gravity race series to give you an idea of the fun you will be having.

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