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Checking in with Steamboat Bike Park, Colorado—USA    (Article from last fall found here)

 Having already visited the bike park in Steamboat Springs last fall, we just couldn’t pass up another stop there, on our way back West towards California. In general, Steamboat Bike Park doesn’t have a huge number of trails (13 DH trails total), but the quality is top notch! The mountain possesses 2,180ft of vertical descent for those downhillers keeping track of such statistics. Most importantly, the trail crew at Steamboat Bike Park has added some much needed green & blue trails, which include 2 new beginner trails called “Cowpoke” and “Lickity Split”. Another new addition since our last visit in 2014 is an intermediate trail called “Gunsmoke” and a new “Rustlers Ridge Connector” compliments the blue crowd as well. Interestingly, it seems that the so-called scales have tipped lately in favor of the beginner & intermediate variety of trail at Steamboat. However, we did hear that an extension of the ever-popular single black diamond trail “Flying Diamond” is in the works for the 2016 season. Advanced/Expert riders rejoice! 

(One of the many rock features you will encounter while on “Rawhide”. )

Our go-to trail, after properly warming up on “Rustlers Ridge”, is the DH-tech oriented “Rawhide” single track at 2.4 miles of pure fun!  Rocks & Roots with just enough steep terrain to occasionally buzz your butt on your back tire. Although, that’s not to say that “Rawhide” lacks flow. You’ll find jumps, ladder drops, and berms expertly placed throughout the trail. The trail crew at Steamboat has created a true gem with this trail! Indeed, they achieved that elusive combination of tech & flow while working with the natural terrain.

(The final large drop on “Rawhide”.)

A day spent riding at Steamboat isn’t complete without a few runs down “Flying Diamond”. Maximum flow & jumps is the name of the game here! Your frequent flyer miles will add up quick on this trail. To continue with this theme towards the bottom of the mountain, we recommend “Buckin’ Bronc” to “Bull Rider” if jumps, drops, and wooden features stoke your fire. “Bull Rider” (1/3 of mile long) is officially the only double black diamond rated trail on the mountain. It sports a couple of true gap jumps that are right under the gondola and close enough to the base for proper stylin’out.

It’s always good times at the ‘Boat’! They’re progressively adding trails and keeping riders interested in coming back. We’ll definitely be back next season for a couple of days of shred on the mountain. Cheers! 

(Video from our stop last year 2014 on "Flying Diamond" and "Rawhide".)

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