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Stevens Pass /
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WBP Report Card: Stevens Pass WBP Report Card: Stevens Pass
Total Vertical:  1,539ft
Number of Lifts: 1
Type of uplift: Open Chair
Bike Attachment: Three bike tray
Number of Trails: 7
Lessons available: Yes
Beginner Trails: Their 2 beginner trails have good progression.
Intermediate Trails: 3 Trails: Lichen It is an awesome singletrack-style intermediate trail with rocks & roots, berms & wood features. Luvin' It is wide open and fast with not many features. Rock Crusher is machine built with fast berms & "floater" style jumps. 
Advanced Trails: 2 Trails: Sling-shot Wookie is a fun DH style trail. The faster you go, the more advanced it is! P.B.R  is machine built with big tabletops & berms with a few "almost" gaps thrown in to keep it real. 
Technical trails: Their 1 trail in this category is Sling-shot Wookie. It's a single-black-diamond tech trail. They're working on a double-black as we speak!
Flow/jump trails: P.B.R. is "The" standout flow/jump trail. Rock Crusher also fills this category. But, there's only 2.
Trail variety: All the main categories of trail are represented, but they don't have any double-blacks...yet!
Trail Conditions: No issues. It was dry and dusty with some loose rocks on the trails, but that's to be expected in Summertime. 
Trail signposting: No issues at all. 
Other trails in area: On the outskirts of Leavenworth: Xanadu, Tres-Hombres, Devils Gulch/Mission Ridge just to name a few.  
Day Pass Value for money: The value of a day pass will increase as they add trails & features.
Ease of parking to lift: No issues. 
Lift lines: Hardly no wait at all.
Quality of rental fleet: Trek Sessions.
On-site Bike Shop:   Yes
Lunch options: Just the 1 grill-restaurant upstairs from the bike shop.
Water by the lifts (yes/no):   Yes
Lockers available (yes/no):   No
Camping/RV park (yes/no):   Yes
Staff friendliness:  
Family-friendly: Just lift service to get hikers into higher elevations. They do have somewhat of a skills area at the base now with 2 wood drops, 1 big wood roller, a small wood tabletop jump, and some stair-step features.
Restaurants: Just the 1.
Nightlife:   N/A
Random: No accommodations except for RV/Camping with electrical hookup for $20 per night. Otherwise you have to travel 35 miles to Leavenworth with loads of places to stay.


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