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Posted by: paul leclerc on 24 Jul 2015.
Date of Visit: 12 Jul 2015

Sunday River

Sunday River,  has a video showing their "flow" or jump trail - this has been destroyed in the name of condo's, or so I hear.  The expert trails are very tight, twisty and difficult to carry any speed, they are better suited for an AM bike than a DH bike.  The rocky and rooty sections are not a problem, just the abundant switchbacks and hairpin corners - too many.  The intermediate trails are better suited to DHing.  Much more open to get the bike cruising.  It's a slight up hill walk to a few trails that are not immediately off the lift.  The lift is quick, the employees friendly and happy to help - one loaned me a pair of gloves, when I dropped mine off the lift.  The parking isn't far away either, and they provide water at both ends of the lift.  

It isn't a steep mountain, and you don't go to the highest lift serviced peak, but  the mountain has a good deal of length.   I did not do any XC, so I can not comment.  There are no wooden features.           

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