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Posted by: Wiliam Botka on 21 Nov 2013.
Date of Visit: 11 Oct 2013

If you're thinking of going, DO IT!

I go to Kingdom Trails several time a season. There is a reason why I've been there so many times. It's the experiance that East Burke has on me, The people are just about the most friendly as you can get. There is no sortage of hospitality in town. Everyone I've ever talked to always greats you with a smile and asks about your day. This all should seem normal to some of us, but at the day and age of our world, being nice to other is far and few between.

Once you decided to go out for a ride, make sure you pack for at least a 3 hour ride. So include, water, snacks and also bring some small tools just encase somthing happens. It's very easy to be out for 5 or even 6 hours like when my friends and I go. The network of trails is so fast that you'll come to a fork or intersection and you'll always want to see where the trails go, so we usually go for long weekends and try different routes to keep it freash. I highly sudjust you go and also highly sudjust you go witha group of people. Biking all daya nd then hanging out by the campfire with a beer and exchanging stories from the day is just the icing on the cake!

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