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United StatesKingdom Trails / United States

Posted by: Wiliam Botka on 21 Nov 2013.

If you're thinking of going, DO IT!

I go to Kingdom Trails several time a season. There is a reason why I've been there so many times. It's the experiance that East Burke has on me, The people are just about the most friendly as you can get. There is no sortage of hospitality in town. Everyone I'v...

United StatesKingdom Trails / United States

Posted by: Matt Horlor on 10 Oct 2013.

Autumn blast in the Kingdom

Checking out the kingdom of trails in Burke, VT

After a night bundled up against a late September starry sky under one of the leanto's of Burke Mountain Campground, picked up a $15 day pass to Kingdom Trails, over 150km of prepared and maintained XC tr...

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